Central Norway

The history of Røros for children

Address: Peder Hiortsgate 2, 7374 Røros Show map

Address: Peder Hiortsgate 2, 7374 Røros

A visit to a backyard – what was it like for children to live in Røros and what did
they play with? What is a "vaskarryss"? The tour passes through the narrowest
streets in the Mining Town and includes several activities along the way.

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Nearby accommodations

Hotel & Room

Vertshuset Røros

Distance: 237 meters
Vertshuset Røros is situated in Rammgården at the heart of the Røros World Heritage site.
Hotel & Room

Idrettsparken Hotel

Distance: 436 meters
Idrettsparken Hotel is centrally located in Røros. The atmosphere is one of stillness and serenity, and our vision is "the guest in focus."

Bergstadens Hotel

Distance: 108 meters
This hotel is located in the centre of the well-known copper-mining town of Røros, in the old Bergstaden district. Bergstadens hotel is a big hotel with conferencerooms,bars and restaurants.