Hunting for the northern lights in Trondheim

Address: Nordre gate 11 Trondheim Show map

Address: Nordre gate 11 Trondheim

The Northern Lights are pure magic, and the feeling of seeing this natural phenomenon live is unforgettable. Hunting for the Northern Lights is a real experience. You walk along the Lade Trail right beside the Trondheimsfjord. The tour guide will assist you with your camera settings so you get the best shots. The tour starts outside the Trondheim Tourist Information Office at Nordre gate 11 where you will be met by the guide. There will be several stops along the way, while food and drinks will also be served. Remember to wear warm clothes, good footwear and bring your camera.

There is no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights, but we follow the Northern Lights forecast closely. When booking the trip, you will receive a prognosis of the likelihood of capturing the Northern Lights on your camera that evening.
This tour is only available during the Northern Lights season (September to March).
 (The tour can be cancelled due to weather conditions.)

Monday - Thursday 21.00 (September-March)
Contact us for booking
1150 NOK per person

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